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This information should not be used to make conclusive decisions regarding your health or exposure. Ultimately, all questions and/or concerns regarding your health should be addressed by a qualified physician. Additional exposure concerns and/or questions pertaining to the “health of your home or building” should be addressed by qualified and onsite professionals.

Any and all products and services discussed on this show should not be construed as a recommendation, endorsement, or guarantee that their use is appropriate for your situation.

In short, we hope this information is of value to you but please do not act upon it without actual and individual consultation and guidance by professionals who have taken the time and appropriate collection of data to assess your unique situation.


Chronic Illness
On a Budget and a Prayer
Special Guest: Dr. Alan Gruning


1. Dr. Gruning's background in health care and those suffering from chronic illness.

2. How Dr. Gruning's free pain clinic in Florida got started.

3. How Dr. Gruning treats those on the budget (no budget).
Reference mentioned:

4. How Dr. Gruning works with those living in contaminated places (and/or) when the landlord does not care or they have a small home but no money.

5. How a clinician can start their own free pain clinic.

6. How to donate.

7. How to find Dr. Gruning for his services.

IEP RADIO EP 25 Buying a Home

Buying a Home
Is your Realtor working for you?
Handling health & exposure concerns
Special Guest: Jennifer Schrantz (Realtor)


1. The Role of the Realtor
(Learn more about chronic illness & environmental exposure concerns here: )

2. How your Realtor can HELP "screen" a home before making an offer
(Helpful resource for you & your Realtor: )

3. Seller Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS)
(See example here:
Good article for reference:

4. Making an offer & home inspections by professionals

5. Planning ahead so you can get the inspections you want

1. (To the Realtor) Patience is a virtue.
2. Have open-lines of communication. Be a part of the process.
3. Your Realtor should have a basic understanding of your health & exposure concerns.
4. Your Realtor can help "screen" homes in advance to narrow down your choices.
5. Your Realtor should be an advocate for you in any planning or negotiations with the seller/seller's Realtor.
6. Find out what the sellers know about the home (SPDS).
7. You should still professionally inspect! Plan/coordinate ahead so you can get the home inspections you need.
8. Be willing to walk away. Health is #1.

Disclaimer: Your Realtor should not replace the involvement of professionals. The goal of this episode is to provide education and consideration to Realtors & home buyers so they have a better chance of purchasing the right home.

IEP RADIO EP #24 IEPs and Clinicians

IEPs and Clinicians
How your Clinician & IEP can work together to help the Environmentally Sensitive patient
Interview by: Dr. Jill Carnahan


1. Role of the IEP
2. Role of the Clinician
3. Things other than mold exposure
4. Order of operations (Focus on health? Home? Both?)
5. Examples and helping prioritize areas-of-concern
6. How to work with Michael Schrantz (Environmental Analytics)

Dr. Jill Carnahan


The Gupta Program
Brain Retraining
Special Guest: Ashok Gupta


1. Ashok's background and story
2. What is the Gupta Program
3. The Science supporting this program
4. Application/Timing of the program
5. Success stories
6. Summary/Takeaways

IEP RADIO # 22 Dehumidification & Ventilation Considerations

Dehumidification & Ventilation Considerations
Special Guest: Nikki Krueger
Building Science Manager for Therma-Stor

-Basic concerns of too much moisture in a building
-Are some areas more "moisture-prone" than others?
(Residential Dehumidification Systems Research for Hot-Humid Climates:

-Types of dehumidification systems

-Ventilation Considerations
(Ventilation System Effectiveness and Tested Indoor Air Quality Impacts:

-Natural ventilation
-Types of mechanical ventilation
-Sizing mechanical ventilation

-The Venting Dehumidifier

IEP Radio #21: ACCA & HVAC Cleaning

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)
HVAC Ductwork & Component Cleaning
Special Guests: Matt Akins
Manager of HVACR Education


-History & Purpose of ACCA

-Overview of ACCA Resources to help locate an HVAC contractor

-Standards for the HVAC Contractor (maintenance)

-Overview of ACCA Standard 6 (Restoring the Cleanliness of HVAC Systems)
-Visual Assessment of HVAC System
-Cleaning Approaches
-Post Cleaning Verification options
-When to involve a 3rd party Indoor Environmental Professional to help assessment your HVAC system

-General comparison between ACCA Standard 6 and NADCA ACR 2013 document

IEP Radio #20: COVID-19 & the PRV book

A brief discussion on COVID-19 &
The PRV Book: Post Remediation Testing & Verification for Mold and Bacteria (5th Edition)
Special Guests: Dr. Robert & Gail Brandys

-COVID-19 and disinfecting considerations (not a detailed plan)
-How the PRV book is helpful for IEPs and remediation companies when it comes to develping a PRV plan/process
-Personal experiences and examples to learn from

IEP Radio #19: Contents Cleaning with Ralph E. Moon, PhD

Contents Cleaning
A review of "mold-contaminated" fabrics

Special Guest: Ralph E. Moon, PhD

-General concerns of fabrics that have been exposed to or contain actual mold growth and/or mycotoxins.
-Review of studies performed by Ralph Moon testing (4) various cleaning methods on (4) types of fabrics (cotton, wool, polyester, silk).
- Conclusions & limitations of those studies (Hint: No method of cleaning is "guaranteed" to work, however, standard washing techniques and standard washing with bleach appears to work (overall) the best. Watch & listen to learn more!)
-Things to consider if you are or live with a hoarder.
-Importance of keeping your home/structure dry.

IEP Radio #18: IQAir air filtration with Glory D. Hammes - Beyond HEPA

(Air Filtration Devices)
Special Guest: Glory D. Hammes (CEO)

-History of IQAir
-Discussion on particle removal (versus "purification techniques")
-Production line of devices
-Research supporting their devices
-How to select the ideal device for your unique situation
-Where to shop for IQ Air devices

IEP Radio #17: Air Oasis purification & filtration devices with Jon & Jeff Bennert

Air Oasis
(purification & filtration devices)
Special Guests: Jon Bennert (President/CEO)
& Dr. Jeff Bennert (COO)

-History of the Air Oasis Family
-Difference between “air filtration” and “air purification”
-Overview of Air Oasis technologies used in their devices
Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation (AHPCO)
Ultraviolet Light

-A review of their product line
-Studies performed to show effectiveness of their units to remove chemicals from the indoor environment
-“By-product” concerns (e.g. ozone and other “contaminants” that could be produced by these units)
-Their “CARB compliant” units (no ozone emitting)
-The ability for these units to help deactivate mold, bacteria, and viruses (make non viable)
-Limitations of these units & things to consider when using them
-How to purchase an Air Oasis unit (& their 30-day money-back guarantee)

IEP Radio #16: EMF electromagnetic fields with Brandon LaGreca

Electric & Magnetic Fields (EMF)
Special Guest: Brandon LaGreca, LAC, MACOM
His Book on EMF:


What is "EMF?"
Why are there health concerns?
What research is available to support health/exposure concerns?
A few tips & considerations regarding EMF exposure and how to test.

IEP Radio #15: Mold Remediation: Post Remediation Verification (part 4 of 4)

Mold Remediation: Post Remediation Verification
Part 4 of a 4-part Series

In this episode we continue the conversation regarding Post Remediation Verification that follows mold remediation projects.

Potential roles of an IEP:
Provide remediation scope of work
Provide oversight of the project: before, during, after
Identify expectations up front
What is the IEP’s Testing Criteria? (e.g. What determines a “pass” or “fail”?)
How much sampling? (statistical & health-based considerations)
What type of analysis is being performed? (e.g. Direct Examination, Culturing, qPCR, Gravimetric dust, etc..)
What are the known limitations of each analysis method?
When are we sampling? (e.g. ~24 hours after final cleaning? ~4-6 weeks after final cleaning?)

IEP Radio #14: Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) with Annie Hopper - Retraining the Brain

Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)
Special Guest: Annie Hopper

On this episode we discuss:

-Annie Hopper's personal story
-What is neuroplasticity, and why is it important for our understanding of both the origin and treatment of chronic disease? -What is a "limbic system injury (LSI)" or "limbic system impairment" and what causes it?
-What characterizes a LSI? What conditions have you found to be typically associated with LSI?
-Overview of DNRS as an approach to resolving LSIs
-What are the critical steps (acronym: I.M.A.G.I.N.E.) to rewiring an LSI?
-What's missing from the conventional and even Functional approach to chronic illness (ex: MCS), and how does DNRS address that?
-How do other treatments/approaches fit or not fit with DNRS?
-A few of Annie's favorite recovery stories?
-How to learn more & get started with DNRS

About Annie Hopper: Annie knows what it’s like to suffer from a mysterious illness that the medical system cannot diagnose or effectively treat. In 2004, while working as a busy core belief counselor, newspaper columnist and talk show guest as an expert in Emotional Wellness, her health started to rapidly deteriorate. Mysterious symptoms like insomnia, headaches, body aches and pains, chronic exhaustion and an increasing list of sensitivities ensued. Toxic overload was the eventual diagnosis. But even after undergoing detoxification treatments and an extensive list of healing treatments from over thirty different practitioners, her symptoms continued to escalate.
This was the beginning of what can only be described as a type of science fiction nightmare. After almost 4 years of suffering that eventually led to homelessness, Hopper deduced that a toxic brain trauma was most likely at the root of her suffering. Hopper went on to creatively rewire the neural circuits in her brain that had been altered due to toxic trauma and the symptoms of illness eventually dissipated.

In 2008, Hopper founded The Dynamic Neural Retraining System, a drug free, neuroplasticity-based healing approach to rewire chronic illness disease patterns in the brain as seen in Chemical Sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and many other chronic illnesses.

IEP Radio #13: Mold Remediation: Remediation & Environmental-Cleaning (part 3 of 4)

Mold Remediation: Remediation & Environmental-Cleaning
Part 3 of a 4-part Series
Special Guest: Dustin Anderson with Advanced Drying

In this episode we continue the conversation regarding mold remediation and environmental-cleaning once a containment (& proper engineering controls) have been set up.
We refer to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (ANSI/IICRC) S520 Mold Remediation Standard - Third Edition: 2015 and specific sections within that document:


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) (S520-Section 8.3)
Asbestos & Lead-Based-Paint considerations (S520-Sections 8.5 & 8.6)
Critical Barrier considerations (discussed more in PART 2 of this series)
Physical removal of damaged building materials (S520-Section 12.2.6)
Air Filtration Devices (AFD)-Filter changes (S520-Section 12.1.4)
Local Exhaust Ventilation (to help reduce particulate emissions) while remediating
Bagging of damaged & removed building materials

HEPA/ULPA vacuuming surfaces inside of containment
Damp wiping after vacuuming (multiple rounds)
(S520-Section 12.2.6)
Switching of engineering controls before FINAL CLEAN
Post Remediation Evaluation by Remediation Company (S520-Section 12.2.11)
Exiting of the containment area (S520-Section 12.2.10)

IEP Radio #12: Mold Remediation: Containment & Controls (part 2 of 4)

Mold Remediation: Containment & Controls
Part 2 of a 4-part Series
Special Guest: Dustin Anderson with Advanced Drying

IEP Radio #11: Diagnostic Medicine & the IEP with Dr. Eric Dorninger

Diagnostic Medicine & the IEP
Special Guest: Dr. Eric Dorninger

In this episode we discuss the diagnostic (clinical) approach to helping patients through the eyes and experience of Dr. Eric Dorninger. The definition of "diagnostic medicine (versus functional medication)" is discussed and the important role that IEP's play in helping assess environmental exposures.

IEP Radio #10: Prism Analytical Technologies with Alice Delia & Sarah Mack - Chemical Concerns

Prism Analytical Technologies
Special Guests: Alice Delia & Sarah Mack

There is a lot of concern regarding indoor exposures to chemicals. Wanting to learn more about how you can test your home?

Technical Bulletin regarding MoldScan Plus:

In this episode we discuss:
-Basic understanding of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs)
-Basic understanding of TVOC sampling
-How you can test your home/office
-How Prism can help you interpret your findings!

IEP Radio #9: Home Inspection Basics & Things to consider When Renting with Dr. Eric Dorninger

Home Inspection Basics
& Things to consider when Renting
Special Guest: Dr. Eric Dorninger

(Some of the) Topics Discussed on this Episode

Location (consider climate, consider vicinity to industry (chemical plants/commercial/industrial)
History of home (ask current/previous owner)-Any leaks/water intrusions?

Landscaping/drainage promoting pathways for moisture away from home?
Condition of window/door flashing/trim
Flat Roof vs. Pitched Roof
Slab vs. Crawlspace vs. Basement
Vapor barriers
Crawlspace venting vs. conditioning dehumidifying)
Exterior wall/roof penetrations

Evidence of water staining/damage/microbial growth
Focus on plumbing walls/showers/tubs/exterior windows/doors
Basements-potential moisture migration from outside
Heating & Air-Conditioning System
Hard flooring vs. Carpeting
Chemical sources
Pathways/Driving Forces

Negotiating the lease with landlord
Check with your State’s Housing department


IEP Radio #8: Open Mike: Fads, Fixes, Filters with Dr. Eric Dorninger

Open Mike: Fads, Fixes, Filters
Special Guest: Dr. Eric Dorninger

In this first of many "Open Mike" discussions, we cover everyday topics that come up between IEPs, clinicians, and clients.

Some of what is covered in this episode:
FADS: Fogging, Ozone Bombing, Ultraviolet Light (UV)
FIXES: Removing vs. Killing microbial growth/contamination & the concern with moisture
FILTERS: Cleaning the air with portable HEPA air-scrubbers/Air Filtration & Purification Devices--limitations
Mechanical ventilation

IEP Radio #7: Green Design Center with Andrew Pace - Chemical Sensitivity Considerations

Green Design Center
Special Guest: Andrew Pace

Are you chemically-sensitive?

In this episode we discuss:
General exposure concerns to chemicals & sources

Understanding what you can really tell (or can't!) by reading Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)/Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Concerns of chemical reactions with one "product" applied on another

Formaldehyde Release Attenuation Test (FRAT) testing

Potential "safer" products to use in your home:
AFM SafeCoat products (paints/stains/finishes)
Flooring options

IEP Radio #6: International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI) with Dr. Ackerley

International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI)
Special Guest: Dr. Mary Ackerley

In this episode we discuss what ISEAI is and how it is helping clinicians, patients, and Indoor Environmental Professionals around the globe!!

IEP Radio #5: Health & Home with Chris Kresser - Chronic Illness & Our Environment

Health & Home
Special Guest: Chris Kresser

In this episode we discuss chronic illness, genetic susceptibilities, the rapid changes in our environments, diet, lifestyle, and how these changes
are difficult for our bodies to manage.

IEP Radio #4: Mold Remediation & Cleaning, An Overview (part 1 of 4)

PART 1: Mold Remediation & Cleaning- AN OVERVIEW
(4-Part Series)
Special Guest: Dustin Anderson with Advanced Drying

In this episode we discuss the fundamentals of mold remediation and cleaning.

IEP Radio #3: Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS-WDB) with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome -Water Damaged Buildings
Special Guest: Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

In this episode I go to the source (Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker) and discuss the definition of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome from a Water-Damaged Building (CIRS-WDB); what we knew then vs now. We spend a bit of time clearing the air on various topics, including the purpose and scope of ERMI/HERTSMI-2 dust sampling and Dr. Shoemaker's interpretation (scoring) of these types of samples.

IEP Radio #2: Air vs Dust Sampling for Mold - A Debate

Air vs Dust Sampling for Mold
-A Debate-

In this episode we discuss the various types of (mold) air samples, dust samples, advantages/dis-advantages of each, and what to consider when deciding what/how to sample your indoor environment!

IEP Radio #1: Welcome to IEP Radio!

Welcome to IEP Radio!

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